Dan Khuu - Digital Marketing & Management Specialist

Retail Marketing Expert

With retail experience and trending information dating back to 1995, Dan Khuu has over 25 years of retail knowledge and market trending information to help your business succeed. Whether you are looking for the latest in cutting edge trends or you want a seasoned veteran to advise you on what is on the horizon, Dan is able to give you the insights to help you best your competitors.


In retail, it is not about who carries what product any more - it's about who plans and who has the best execution to get people to trust you and spend their hard-earned money with you and not your competitor.

You Know Why You're Better but Do Shoppers Know?

Sales Marketing Excellence Phoenix
Sales Marketing Excellence Phoenix

Dan Khuu has over 25 years of retail experience including working with retail partners (local, regional, and national) and their employees to maximize sales.

Side-by-side selling is also his specialty with the focus to improve the skills of your salespeople. In the end, when your salespeople improve, they sell more and that improves YOUR bottom line.

The focus of effective sales training is the knowledge base and experience that Dan brings to the training table. With over 20 years of experience in the wireless industry but having spent time in both window film, office technologies, and satellite radio and the entertainment sectors, Dan brings a wide variety of problem-solving skills to help improve your salespeople's presentation, observation, overcoming objections, and closing skills.

It's About Making Brand Champions


It's not enough to get salespeople excited about your brand - it's about making them excited to see the logo and become a Brand Champion of your product.

That starts with the product knowledge and flows into the enthusiasm in presenting it to your salespeople. Dan Khuu is uniquely equipped to bring people to that level of excitement that bumps up sales and creates a trickle-down effect to the customer. When that customer loves your product, they talk about it and they talk about it even when they're not asked, increasing the effectiveness of any of your word-of-mouth advertising.

Sales Marketing Excellence Phoenix
Sales Marketing Excellence Phoenix
Sales Marketing Excellence Phoenix