Dan Khuu - Digital Marketing & Management Specialist

Website Builder and Social Media

Dan Khuu has been building websites since 1996, long before the rise of the What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) html editor. Creating his college newspaper's newspaper's online presence, it was among one of the first 100,000 webpages available (currently there are 162 Million sites).


Hand-coding HTML is no longer necessary but Dan has an extensive knowledge of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest with the aim of increasing daily views and profiles.


Social Media should be a haven of friendly interaction, but he knows all too well that the best of intentions are almost never enough, so security is also top of mind.

Sales Marketing Excellence Phoenix
Sales Marketing Excellence Phoenix



One important factor of proper SEO is adding a blog and talking about what people are talking about, making your content relevant and accessible to people. You can buy canned content from a company and pay per article, but why not have someone that you can talk to and understand their point of view. It is important to stay local also - when you buy content from a company, you might be dealing with someone across town - or across the globe and you will lose that local flavor that draws in genuine fans and readers.



Dan Khuu currently maintains the sites. Other site projects are in the works and will be available upon completion.

Chandler StarLighters - a site for the Chandler Starlighters bowling league. This league bowls at Bowlero Kyrene Wednesday nights.